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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Our skilled team of occupational therapists help children develop the necessary cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, regulation, and sensory skills to be successful in all aspects of daily life.  Following a thorough evaluation, you will feel empowered to implement a tailored home program and/or therapy programs to specifically address your child's needs.

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 Evaluation Process

Thorough evaluation of your child's sensory and motor systems strengths and vulnerabilities gives us core information which helps us to tailor therapy programs and home programs to specifically address your child's needs. We will assess all systems and make recommendations as appropriate. 

The evaluation will comprise of a sensory motor history, parent/caregiver interview, child observation, and formal testing.


Contact your primary care physician and ask for a referral to be sent to Points of Stillness.

Fax: 715-381-8131


We will contact you regarding scheduling an evaluation. Complete the intake form and email, mail, or drop off at the clinic prior to your evaluation appointment.


Receive a comprehensive evaluation to identify areas of need and create a treatment plan.


We understand the everyday demands of life and we see the value of consistent therapy services for all of our clients. Our therapists are trained to provide effective virtual therapy. Points of Stillness offers Telehealth appointments for current clients. 

Intervention Techniques

Traditional Treatment Options:

  • Sensory Processing Treatment

  • Self-Regulation Techniques: Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol, Oral Motor Skills, Respiration, Sensory Diet, and more.

  • Strength

  • Motor Skills

  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Aquatic Therapy

  • And More!

Additional Therapy and Treatment Options:

Insurance programs do not cover some of these specialized, non-traditional programs.  Payment plans are available. Please check for scholarship options.

Intensive Programs: 

Our 5–10-day intensive occupational therapy programs are tailored to the child's needs. These programs have the possibility to use all modalities available at Points of Stillness. Research supports the use of intensive therapy to promote improved functional outcomes. Points of Stillness clinicians have utilized intensive models of therapy for over 30 years. Your child's therapist will make recommendations for an intensive therapy program if they are appropriate for your child. 

OT Consultations:

The staff at Points of Stillness recognizes that families may face long waitlists for their child to receive therapeutic services. That is why Points of Stillness offers consultative services. Our therapists will partner with you to address immediate concerns. OT consultations are private pay.

Call 715-690-2600.

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