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About Us

Habilitation, Rehabilitation, and Wellness Programs for Children and Adults

The Healing Process: Nancy Lawton-Shirley

In the healing process, there are moments in time where deep stillness and healing occur. Those moments hold a new sense of self and empowerment . . . a deep breath . . . a moment of contentment with one's self. Points of Stillness is a wellness program that combines a wide range of approaches to health and well-being for children and adults.

Points of Stillness features therapists who specialize in cutting-edge interventions including a variety of energy techniques and techniques to enhance sensory processing. We specialize in short-term intensive programs that use an eclectic approach to a child's health and development.

In addition to working with children, Points of Stillness has specific programs for adults who are interested in body and/or energy work or who are dealing with chronic pain and anxiety. Evaluation of sensory processing is also available for adults.

Who Are We

Points of Stillness offers collaborative and comprehensive models of treatment for adults and children through cutting edge and traditional techniques.

All services and techniques at Points of Stillness are from a holistic approach. Our clinicians are trained in many areas of expertise to provide treatment to best fit the needs of each individual client and their family. 

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Meet Our Team

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