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Speech and Language Therapy

Our speech language pathologists treat a variety of conditions related to speech and language including articulation disorders, apraxia of speech, autism spectrum disorder, cleft lip/palate, developmental delay, expressive language, feeding/swallowing difficulties, social communication, receptive language, and more. 

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Areas of Treatment


  • Expressive language - the ability to use language to communicate

  • Receptive language - the ability to comprehend and process language

  • Pragmatic language - the use of social skills and the ability to interpret nonverbal cues

Augmentative/Alternative Communication - The use of alternative modes of communication. These may include low-technology options or high-technology (speech-generating devices).

Oral Motor - Strength and function of oral structures and motor plans for coordinating movements.

Articulation - Precise production of speech sounds for intelligible speech.

Feeding/Swallowing - Specifically the oral phase of swallowing including size, texture, temperature, and taste of bolus, drooling and gagging, sensory issues, bolus management, and muscle functions during feeding. 

Cognition - Attention, focus, memory, problem-solving, and executive function.

Phonology - Understanding sound-symbol relationships.

Literacy - Reading, writing and understanding printed language.


Fluency- Disruption in the forward flow of speech (i.e., stuttering or cluttering).


Apraxia of Speech


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