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Higher Brain Living

Higher Brain Living® 


(HBL) is a one-of-a-kind technique, developed by Dr. Michael Cotton, which frees the fear based lower brain and increases energy and metabolism in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. This facilitates a release of stress, diminishes anxiety and depression, and increases the experiences of joy, confidence, motivation and purpose. 

A Mind, Body and Spirit Practice For Children & Adults 

Mission: Shifting humanity from lower brain to Higher Brain Living. 

The Higher Brain Living® (HBL) Technique is a revolutionary gentle-touch process. During an HBL session a Registered Higher Brain Living Facilitator activates specific points in your body in a specific sequence with specific timing, creating a surge of energy from your primal fear-based lower brain into your pre-frontal cortex, the seat of the higher brain, where your potential lives. It is a consistent, repeatable, transformational process. 
More than that, the HBL system connects you to your potential; your purpose – and helps guide you forward into a fearlessly authentic life. 


For more information on time and how to sign up please call 715-690-2600 

Reiki Therapy

Brain Activated Breathing


Our respiration patterns affect our state of arousal and regulation.  Brain Activated Breathing is a gentle and noninvasive technique that facilitates reflexive deep breathing patterns to increase energy and oxygen to the brain (for calming and higher executive functioning).   

This technique is used as part of an occupational therapy program addressing challenges in specific areas of development. Clinically, we find that it not only sets the child up for calmness and empowerment but supports response to other therapy interventions.  

During this technique your child will be lying on a therapy table.  Specific points along the spine will be stimulated through gentle touch contact.  

Good candidates include individuals with: 

  • Stress in their lives 

  • Who react with Fright/Flight/Fight patterns of behavior  

  • Anxiety  

  • Unusual Fears 

  • Who have experienced emotional trauma 

  • Attachment Disorder 

  • Who display disorganization 

  • Poor Flexibility 

  • Poor Sleep 

  • Selective Mutism 

  • Aggression or “Dark” Thoughts 

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