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Light Therapies

Soqi Bed 

 Chi Machine and Biomat: The Soqi bed combines the use of far infrared domes, Biomat and the Chi Machine to support muscle healing, postural alignment, relaxation and stress management.  The Biomat provides far infrared through amethyst crystals. The Chi Machine gently rocks your body assisting in muscle relaxation, alignment and blood energy flow.  All 3 items are FDA approved. 

Red Light, Near Infrared Light Therapy


Red Light and Near Infrared light have been researched for many years. Points of Stillness has used devices that provided different light stimulation since 2010. 

Children and adults are provided the red and near infrared lights through pads which can be specifically placed to support therapy outcomes. 

Research indicates: 

  • Restores cellular respiration (converting food to energy/detoxifying)

    • Cells lose ability to convert food into energy after injury or illness or aging, when this happens, the body struggles to heal itself.​

  • Reduces pain

  • Increases circulation

  • Stimulates collagen production (strength element to connective tissue) stimulates release of ATP (fuel for the cells to use)

  • Increases lymphatic system activity (part of the immune system)

  • Calms nerve tissue

  • Stimulates fibroblast activity (produces structural framework for tissue/wound healing)

  • Increase phagocytosis (ability to remove toxins and cell waste)

  • Decreases sympathetic reactivity (fight/flight/fright), activates parasympathetic (rest/digest)

  • Near Infrared light therapy can penetrate bone and can increase blood flow to the brain (specifically for Traumatic Brain Injuries and Migraines)

Clinically, we have seen improvements in fine motor control, speech, and cognitive skills. In theory, it can support the gut and body's healing process.

QRI Cold Laser

Quantum Reflex Integration ® -Cold Laser Therapy

Quantum Reflex Integration ® (QRI ®) combines sound and light to integrate reflexes. QRI® is a type of cold laser therapy that uses low intensity light to promote healing at a cellular level.  The light does not generate heat. Cold laser therapy (also called low-laser therapy) has been proven safe and effective in over 8,000 studies worldwide.

What are primitive reflexes? 

Primitive reflexes are involuntary motor responses that begin development in utero and continue to develop throughout the first year of life. In typical development, a child develops new neural pathways for learning and motor development with integrates these primitive reflexes so that the child's movements are no longer dominated by their reflexes. If this does not happen, then a child may retain a primitive reflex. Retained primitive reflexes can interfere with higher level cognitive functioning and movement patterns. 

Areas of development that QRI® can improve: 

  • Auditory processing 

  • Visual processing

  • Balance

  • Movement and coordination

  • Developmental milestones

  • Cognitive skills (thinking and attention)

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