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Enhancing lives through occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and wellness programs.



Points of Stillness offers services for infants through adults.

Our skilled team of occupational therapists uses cutting-edge technology and evidence-based interventions to promote development. Together with our therapists, children and adults develop the necessary cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, regulation, and sensory skills to be successful in all aspects of daily life. Our therapists honor human potential by utilizing holistic approaches to improve performance for living.


Our speech-language pathologists treat a variety of conditions related to speech and language including articulation disorders, apraxia of speech, autism spectrum disorder, cleft lip/palate, developmental delay, expressive language, feeding/swallowing difficulties, social communication, receptive language, and more. 

The Points of Stillness Wellness Program is designed to promote deep healing, improving energy and emotional balance. Points of Stillness Wellness Programs are uniquely tailored to individual needs.

The staff at Points of Stillness recognizes that families may face long waitlists for their child to receive therapeutic services. That is why Points of Stillness offers consultative services. Our therapists will partner with you to address immediate concerns. OT consultations are private pay.

Call 715-690-2600.

Get Started

Occupational and Speech-Language Therapy Services


Contact your primary care physician and ask for a referral to be sent to Points of Stillness.

Fax: 715-381-8131


We will contact you regarding scheduling an evaluation. Complete the intake form and email, mail, or drop off at the clinic prior to your evaluation appointment.


Receive a comprehensive evaluation to identify areas of need and create a treatment plan. 

Little Girl in a Restaurant

The Smith Family

"O. has made tremendous progress in sesnory and fine motor...the brushing program and vestibular protocol have been a night and day difference for O. to handle her everday world..."
Painting Class

Angie D.

"My son completed a two-week intensive therapy...We are three months out, and I cannot believe the results."

Amber G.

" Each week, I had some parenting question on how to handle a sensitive child. They always had a creative answer that worked beautifully, no more frustrations for this Momma."

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