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Client Testimonials

Pediatric Occupation Therapy Testimonials

My daughter was having troubles focusing and some behavior problems like tantrums and just troubles getting up in the morning. We decided to bring her to Points of Stillness. When here, they recommended treatment which included therapy once a week and then an auditory treatment for two full weeks. They also recommended testing for sensitivities. Prior to the testing, I was trying to figure out which foods were triggers. This was a daunting task of trying, and observing, writing down and repeating the process. The test got this done with one swoop. We quickly removed these foods from her diet and noticed a drastic change quickly. The test recommended we remove some of the foods for 6 months and some for a year. Now fast forward 6 months. We gradually gave her the 6 month foods back in her diet. We were so surprised that she had no adverse effects. This was fantastic! Fast forward a year and we did the same thing. She was able to have all of her foods back without behavior issues. The treatment my daughter went on was for occupational therapy. She had to do things like swinging and jumping, blowing bubbles. These were all things she enjoyed so therapy was such a joy for her. She started out with being so distracted she couldn't do more then one task without being distracted with something else in the room. At the end, she ended up being able to do about four tasks  which was huge progress. With the sensitivity testing and the occupational therapy, she was ready for kindergarten. She can also fit in with the rest of the kids so she isn't always getting in trouble. Each week I also had some parenting questions on how to handle a sensitive child. They always had a creative answer that worked beautifully, no more frustrations for this Momma. As a Momma, this warms my heart. I'm so proud of the progress she has made and so thankful to the points of stillness staff for working with her and helping her to succeed. They didn't just help my daughter, they helped my family.
~ Amber G

Points of Stillness is AMAZING!! We are forever grateful to the POS therapists for their profound impact on our son. Our son has sensory and attention issues, and they were adversely effecting his success at school.  So much so that the school felt he would be better served outside a general classroom.  As parents we were scared, confused and desperate. We were referred to POS, and I first met with Nancy Lawton-Shirley (founder). She asked me my concerns, and I began nervously telling my son's whole life history, as parents do when advocating for their child. She stopped me, held my hand and said, " We can help your son."  In a moment, she completely put me at ease, and I believed her.  Nancy explained a therapy plan that would best suit my son's needs, and connected us to Teresa Gillen OTR/L to begin AIT and OT.  And the healing began...words can't express how we feel about Teresa!! She is an expert in her field, with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to children with special needs.   All our questions and concerns are addressed each session and we are armed with tools and skills to better serve our son.  She created a beautiful working relationship with our son through her warmth and kindness.  In a year, our son has met or improved on all of his goals and was able to stay in the general classroom setting.  Thanks to POS my son is able to manage his differences and feel comfortable in his own skin.  We HIGHLY recommend Points of Stillness!!
~ Satisfied parent

We first met, Nancy, shortly after Healing Waters opened almost 5 years ago. At the time, our daughter was 3 1/2 years old. Dylan has Down syndrome but is also on the autism spectrum, and at that time was completely non-verbal and had severe sensory processing issues. She became very agitated around strangers and couldn't handle new unfamiliar environments for more than a few minutes. Simple daily tasks like brushing her hair and teeth, clipping her finger nails and giving her a bath could take hours and involved a lot of tears and screaming. Nancy evaluated Dylan and we began OT sessions at Points of Stillness twice a week, which included many different therapies and protocols. Nancy and her staff are some of the most amazing women I've ever known; the way they love and care for the children they work with is amazing. They developed a care plan for Dylan and within a couple months time so many of her sensory difficulties practically disappeared. We could clip all 10 of her fingernails in just a few minutes time - which may sound silly but was something we had never been able to do before.  Dylan became so comfortable with her therapists, to the point that I didn't even need to stay in the same room anymore. A few months later Dylan started Speech Therapy through Points of Stillness, and  we finally heard her speak her first word at the age of 4.  Her speech therapist cried right along with me when we heard her say 'eat' for the first time.  Over the last 5 years Dylan has continued therapy with Nancy and her staff and I cannot imagine what my daughter would be like without them in her life. Every single week they work to help her development, tweaking and changing their care plans to constantly be doing what is in Dylan's best interest. They have helped her gain skills that most of us take for granted, but that are very challenging for a child with the dual diagnosis that Dylan has.  Having access to a place like Points of Stillness for our daughter is more of a blessing than I can put into words - they truly go above and beyond on a daily basis to serve everyone who walks in the door. 
~ Shannon M

We wanted to send our sincere thanks to you and the staff at Points of Stillness for all that you have given Haleigh and our family. We are truly advocates for Occupational Therapy. We had visited with several different doctors and therapist to find that nothing was really benefiting the quality of life for our daughter. We found out that she did not only have signs of ADD and ADHD, there were also classic signs of sensory issues. We knew we were in the right place and in the right hands with the Occupational Therapist at Points of Stillness. We seen some immediate results and some that took some time to see them through. When she started therapy we had no idea the milestones she would make. If anyone is second guessing the commitment of OT, we would like to share that we have seen multiple positive changes. A few of them are in behavior, reading, anxiety, attention span, strength, sleeping and communication. The staff at Points of Stillness has provided our daughter with a better quality of life.
~ Scott and Janel S

Occupational and CES Testimonial

My daughter, Emily, has been going to Nancy for Occupational Therapy since the age of six months. Emily is now nine and has benefited from the traditional and non-traditional services that Nancy Lawton-Shirley provides. Emily has a very complex seizure disorder, Cerebral Palsy with low muscle tone, and global delays. Nancy has an intuitive gift that allows her to tune into what each individual needs and how best to tap into their potential. Nancy has done very traditional therapies with Emily to help her with her fine motor skills and many non-traditional therapies to help in many other areas.Cranial Sacral work helps Emily's brain to calm down and not have so many seizures. It has an overall calming effect on her entire neurological system and helps Emily with her issues of constipation and sleeplessness. 
Kinesio Taping reminds Emily's muscles that they are there and need to work together. Sometimes Emily's muscles are overactive in areas and need to be kinesio taped to inhibit use and overwork. The most benefit I have seen for Emily with kinesio tape is for constipation.
Oral motor exercises are always important for Emily. Nancy has shown us how to help keep Emily's current oral motor skills and how to help promote the gaining of new strength and skills during her therapy sessions. 
Currently our focus for Emily has been with the Cerebral Electrical Stimulation. We have seen HUGE changes in Emily from this therapy. After each session Emily's trunk control is so strong and she even maintains this for long periods of time. Emily has become much more vocal, sleeps better, seems happier, is much more alert, her response time has improved, and so much more. We have found so much benefit from this non-traditional therapy that we are addicted to taking her to see Nancy for it! No matter what Nancy does with Emily we see the positive benefits!
~ Kristy Kargel (Mother of Emily)

Adult Testimonial

Nancy is so caring, talented and creative. When I started seeing her I was in unbelievable pain. Since then, I’ve been able to reduce one of my pain medications.
Nancy is so creative. She listens to all your complaints and sensations or pain.  She is able to help explain and understand what your body is telling you.
I strongly recommend Nancy to anyone in pain. She creates a therapy program tailored just for you. She explains everything she does. She even refers you to others who can support your healing.
My son’s therapist recommended Nancy to me. My son’s therapist said she was the best there is. She was so right. Nancy is creative, caring, and informative. She renews my hope that someday I may be pain free.
~ Elizabeth

AIT Testimonial

I had to share! Fiachra has had such an amazing day. His preschool teacher said he had his best day ever, painting and writing his name (willingly attempting the first 4 letters anyway!), exercising great self control and he even earned a 'great reader award' for participating in reading time and listening really well!
The biggest breakthrough of all at home is that he has just been happily swinging on the swing outside for 10 mins off and on! He hasn't done this since we bought it over a year ago and hasn't been on a playground swing since he was 1 year old!  Hooray!!
Thank you so much for already bringing so much happiness to his life (and as a result to the rest of the family).
~ Sandra, Hugh, Fiachra and Sadhbh

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