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Kate Fairchild, OTD, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist  & Research Coordinator

Advanced Certifications:

  • NTI Adoption Competent Therapist

  • Ayres Sensory Integration

Kate graduated summa cum laude from the University of Northwestern St. Paul with a BS in Health Psychology and obtained her doctorate in Occupational Therapy from St. Catherine University. Kate believes that parents, including adoptive and foster parents, are central to the promotion of health and well-being of children. She seeks to empower parents with practical tools to support their children facing developmental challenges in body, mind, or spirit. Kate is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association, the Association of Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children, and the Minnesota Occupational Therapy Association. Kate is an adoptive mother of four grown children and grandma of one lovely granddaughter. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, kayaking, hiking, and gardening. Kate is passionate about child development and has partnered with various schools, non-profits, governmental, and non-governmental organizations in the United States and Africa to promote positive developmental outcomes for underserved children. 

Interest Areas:

  • Adoption, Attachment, and Trauma

  • Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Prenatal Substance Exposure, FASD

  • Pediatric Feeding

  • Vagal Toning and Heart Rate Variability

  • Neurodevelopment

  • Parent Education

  • Research and the advancement of pediatric occupational therapy interventions

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