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Use of our healing garden and labyrinth are free to the public. 

Wellness Membership

Unlimited Use of Our Pulsator Vibration Plate and Soqi Bed for $40/month

*Appointment Required

  • Pulsator Vibration Plate:  The Vibration Plate exercise machine powerfully helps muscles heal from injury, strengthen muscles, improves circulation and blood flow.  Great way to help tone and lose weight.  Excellent Rehabilitation and Wellness tool in just 10 minutes!


  • Soqi Bed, Chi Machine and Biomat: The Soqi bed combines the use of far infrared domes, Biomat and the Chi Machine to support muscle healing, postural alignment, relaxation and stress management.  The Biomat provides far infrared through amethyst crystals. The Chi Machine gently rocks your body assisting in muscle relaxation, alignment and blood energy flow.  All 3 items are FDA approved.

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