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Craniosacral for Professionals

This hands-on workshop teaches basic skills in craniosacral therapy for integration into clinical practice.  Learn how these techniques work for range of motion, sensory processing and other therapeutic outcomes for children and adults.

This workshop is recommended for OT, PT, SLP and

Massage Therapists.

Instructor: Nancy Lawton-Shirley, OTR/L

Date: TBD

COST: $350

Points of Stillness

2705 Enloe Street | Hudson, WI  54016

Registration required via email:

Head Massage
Mother with her Child

Craniosacral Therapy for Families

Experience and learn craniosacral therapy.  These hands-on, gentle techniques offer stress reduction and improvements in basic health for children and adults.


Instructor: Nancy Lawton-Shirley, OTR/L


Cost:  Suggested donation of $35 for Camp Avanti Fundraiser


TIME: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
LOCATION: Points of Stillness, 2705 Enloe St, Hudson



Registration required by email:

Advanced Perspectives in Energy

This course will delve into a deeper level of complexity within the energy systems of the body and identify how these layers influence each other and physical function.  It will provide an introduction to the ways in which emotions impact the layers of the energy system and demonstrate powerful, new techniques that increase energy flow (thus body function), facilitating therapeutic outcomes such as calm state, improved sleep state, attention and self-regulation, sensory processing and so on.  We will discuss how the mind, body, spirit connection occurs during treatment sessions and the importance of these conditions critical to therapeutic process.

You will learn and EXPERIENCE techniques that will help you to take care of your own energy field-thus enhancing therapeutic use of self on a daily basis.  Labs include techniques for self-health, as well as techniques to support children’s energy flow within the heart system, energy flow of specific energy centers, emotional health, physical functioning and more!


Must have had one or more craniosacral therapy workshops by any provider.


Instructor: Nancy Lawton-Shirley, OTR/L


TIME:  8:30 AM TO 4:30 PM

WHERE:  Points of Stillness 2705 Enloe St Hudson WI 54016

COST: $150

Registration Required: Please email

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