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Affiliate Partnerships

Points of Stillness has affiliate partnerships with the products listed below. Points of Stillness earns a small commission with each purchase. 


Apollo Neuro

Created by neuroscientists and physicians, the Apollo wearable delivers gentle, soothing vibrations, called Apollo Vibes TM, that are like music your body can feel - higher vibrations improve your energy and focus, while lower vibrations reduce stress and help you relax and fall asleep. 



TouchPoints are patented wearables that use gentle vibrations to reduce the negative impacts of stress. Research shows TouchPoints increase focus by an average of 50%, reduce stress by 74% in 30 seconds and improve sleep, falling asleep within 15 minutes and waking up 80% less. 


Sensate relaxes you by vibrating softly over your chest. Soundscapes played via an app offer an immersive experience. Improves your sleep, lowers your stress, and calms your anxiety in just 10 minutes. 



Forbrain's patented device stimulates the brain's natural auditory process for strengthening attention, memory and speech, and other important life skills. 

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